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Legal Support in Brazil

We serve American, European, and Australian clients with legal needs related to Brazil through our associated Brazilian attorneys.

Property & Money in Brazil

Property Management

Real Estate


Mergers & Acquisitions




Tax Law in Brazil

State Law

Federal Law

Other Taxation Subjects


Corporate Clients

Individual Clients

Corporate Investigations

Rights & Dispute in Brazil

Criminal Law

Personal Injury


Family Law in Brazil


Divorce & Child’s custody

Private Investigator in Brazil
USA & Europe: 1-212-784-6226
Brazil: +55-11-3304-9857

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Sao Paulo Office New York Office
Pca Tiradentes 150 - Jaguariuna
Sao Paulo - 13820-000 - Brazil
4101B Broadway 204
L.I.C., New York 11103 USA

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