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Please, keep in mind that we are offering an innovative service that can result in a considerable advantage for your company.

Our propose is to help your company find the best way of doing business with Brazilian companies. Brazil has one of the largest GNPs in the world, due to its huge production and leadership in many markets. You may know all that, and you also know how to make money with your products and services. But, do you know which Brazilian companies can buy from you? Did you market your products and services for Brazilian companies yet? Are you getting enough business or are you still missing the Brazilian importers?

Our service, “Brazil Brand – Brazilian Importers Research”, is designed to find the fittest Brazilian importers for your products and services. Senior Brazilian consultants, with a strong knowledge of our market, will develop a completely customized research for your company. Following is a description of this unique service:

  • Locating the 15 (fifteen) fittest Brazilian importers for your products and services;

  • Contacting one by one regarding your offer;

  • Selecting the 5 (five) fittest buyers to deal with your company, according these contacts;

  • Obtaining a brief history from these top 5 (five) companies;

  • Organizing the received information;

  • Delivering the research in 7 days: company names, histories, addresses, contact names, telephones, faxes, e-mails, information exchanged and complemental data


Price: contact us

  • That’s the same service, done with extra research and contacts

  • Locating the 30 (thirty) most fittest Brazilian importers for your products and services.

Price: contact us

From toys to aircrafts, from food to industrial machinery, Brazilian companies are excited to buy American products and services. United States of America is the number one country exporting to Brazil. And today is the right time for your company to make business with Brazil.

One simple and straight to the point research, with the right answers you need, can give you the key for the Brazilian market.

To order our “BRAZIL BRAND – BRAZILIAN IMPORTERS RESEARCH” just send us a briefing of your company, products and services:

We charge our services after you receive the research. Payments are due within 5 days from the receivement. The total price is US$ 125.00 for the standard research and US$ 195.00 for the extended research. Taxes are included.


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