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Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Brazil Brand’s Partner, BB Portuguese Translation, has been providing the best on price, quality and speedy delivery for Brazilian Portuguese Translation. Our translators are Brazilian professional linguists with up-to-date knowledge of current usage in information technology, electronics, business and engineering. They are translator professionals with years of experience both in translation and in their technical specialties.

Our translation team focus solely on Brazilian Portuguese translation. This simple fact considerably increases the quality of the communication you can have for your Brazilian clients. 

Portuguese Technical Translation

  • manuals

  • contracts

  • scientific papers

  • protocols

  • reports

  • marketing texts

  • software

  • books

  • others

Brazil Localization Services

We provide localization taking a communication and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to Brazil. In addition to translating content, our localization service involves software translation and engineering, web site engineering, desktop publishing, graphics engineering, and also quality assurance, including functionality and user testing.

Portuguese Publishing Formats

We support most commercial applications in PC formats, including:

  • Microsoft – Word, Excel, Power Point, FrontPage, Project, etc.

  • Adobe – FrameMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, etc.

  • Localization software: Transact, HelpOut, Catalyst, etc.

Our clients for Portuguese Translation Services

We have already won the trust of many exigent companies. And, our team knows how hard it is to win a new customer and how easy it is to lose one. That’s why you will always get the very best in Brazilian Portuguese Translation from us.

Some of our clients:

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