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brazil market reports

Website in Portuguese

1. Website in Portuguese Benefits

Have your product or service detailed in a Portuguese-written website.

  • Have a Portuguese-written website with your product or service within 1 week after you order

  • Includes translation, web development and publishing at our website:

  • Registering in most relevant Brazilian search engines: Radar Uol, Cad? Altavista Brazil, etc.

  • Hosting of the created website for one year.

  • Link from the Portuguese version to your main website

2. Learn about our prices

$ 0.14/word for a minimum order of $ 200.00

Volumes Price
1,000 words (5 pages)

$ 140.00

5,000 words (25 pages) $ 700.00
 10,000 words (50 pages) $ 1,400.00
 50,000 words (250 pages) $ 7,000.00

Get free services when
you buy $ 175 or more in ads!

? 30 days of basic counseling regarding how to make business with Brazilian buyers at no cost

3. Create your Website in Portuguese

To send details about your Portuguese translation needs, please:

  • send us an E-mail with your questions

  • or call us at 212-784-6226



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