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Telemarketing Campaign

1. Telemarketing Campaign Benefits

Have your product or service advertised in Brazil through a fast and effective telemarketing campaign.

According Strategis Canada – a department of the Canadian government, “…in regards to telemarketing … , U.S. exporters do well in South America.  U.S. leading catalog, E-commerce and teleservice firms have had a significant presence and have successfully marketed their products and services in Brazil”

  • Have your product or service introduction to the right prospects starting within 10 days after you order

  • The most relevant prospects will be selected from our Directory of Brazilian Importers, Distributors & Wholesalers 2011 editionthe most updated, accurate, comprehensive information available on trade through Brazilian Markets

  • Reach an audience of decision-makers

  • Learn about what prospects think about your product or service and who is interested in buying them

  • Easy tracking – receive a copy of the prospects’ feedback and the listing of the contacted companies, so you can further your sales effort


2. Learn about our prices

Prospects to be phoned Price
 10 prospects

$ 395.00

 20 prospects $ 495.00
 40 prospects $ 595.00
 60 prospects $ 695.00

3. Create your Telemarketing Campaign

To provide details about your needs or if you have any questions about our Telemarketing, please:

  • send us an E-mail with your questions

  • or call us at 212-784-6226.

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