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What’s this Full Service Office?

Have specific questions about a Brazilian market you need answered? We have been helping companies to enter the Brazilian markets and extending their business in Brazil since 1998. Brazil Brand is the first choice for many American and European companies interested in the Brazilian markets. To know why, you can ask us for a virtual or local presentation of our services (local presentations for US only).

What does it include?

Our consulting services are always tailored accordingly to your needs. Nonetheless, we have some solutions that have been constantly developed for our clients:

1- Show Room in Sao Paulo

This program provides customized market research to address questions and issues related to your product or service in the Brazilian marketplace. Our clients can design their own set of questions or to request our consultants to design the study structure

Delivery times are 4 to 8 weeks and fees vary according to scope of work.
2- Local telephone / fax / address

Brazil Brand helps our clients locate potential agents, distributors or partners without leaving their countries.

We contact potential Brazilian partners using our methodology, our prospects database, our local office in Brazil and the marketing materials you provide to identify the companies that are interested and capable of becoming a viable representative for you in Brazil.Our reports on these companies usually include:

  • Contact information and a basic business profile on potential Brazilian representatives;
  • Each distributors’s opinion on the market for your products/services;
  • Our assessment of distributors’ capability and suitability to distribute your products/services;
  • Competition from local or third-country firms.

This assignment is usually concluded within 30 days.

3- In-Country Feasibility Studies

Development of specific feasibility studies (business plans) to support projects in developing markets in Brazil. Our alliance network allows us to work together with best-in-class partners guaranteeing relevant outputs no matter in which industry you are active.

4- Business Trip Planning and Facilitation

Brazil Brand helps you make the most of your visit by introducing you to pre-screened and pre-qualified Brazilian companies that are interested in meeting you. Feel at home using our local offices including interpreters, computers, high-speedy internet, telephones, cell rental and other facilities.

5– Sustained Assistance

Ongoing service for a specified timeframe, according to your needs. Sustained assistance for firms needing support for developing a major project, seeking commercial intelligence to achieve their business goals, or requiring help with regulatory or standards matters.

6- Event Promotion

Event Promotions are tailored events that are designed to maximize your exposure in target markets. Host a reception or seminar at the best hotels in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro! Or invite future business partners to a presentation in one of our Commercial Service centers to introduce your product or service to the local business community. No matter the level of our involvement you desire, our endorsement will ensure the right audience of executive and managerial corporate representatives.

For more information on our consulting services or to request a free proposal, please contact our office

  • By phone

Ph: 718-6260433

  • By e-mail



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