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brazilian iron ore

The Worldwide Famous Directory of Brazilian Miners, Distributors and Exporters

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Brazilian Iron Ore Mine

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Brazilian Iron Ore Rock

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Iron Ore Processing Phases

Brazil Most Relevant Iron Ore Miners, Representatives and Distributors – 2012 edition

Brazil is a leading Iron Ore mining country

Brazil is one of the most important iron ore producers. Iron ore has traditionally been country’s largest export product, accounting for 5% of the total value of mineral exports. Japan (13%), Germany (11%), China (22%), India and South Korea being the main importers of Brazilian iron ore.

The following iron ore mines are located in Brazil: Aguas Claras, Alegria, Alegria/ Germano, Brucutu, Capanema, Carajas, Casa de Pedra, Caue, Conceicao, Corrego do Meio, Corumba, Fabrica/Segredo, Fazendao, Feijao, Gongo Soco, Jangada, Mina do Andrade, Morro Agudo/Agua Limpa, Mutuca, Pico, Tamandua/Capitao do Mato, Timbopeba, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD).

Brazil is also a leading producer of the following minerals:

  • aluminum, bentonite, metallurgical-grade coal

  • lead, chrome, sulfur, feldspar, lithium, mica

  • nickel, dressing rocks, tantalite, rutile, kaolin

  • zinc, zirconium, crisotile, copper, tin, fluorite

  • gypsum, magnesite, manganese, niobium



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Directory of Brazilian Iron Ore Miners, Distributors and Exporters

2012 Edition
CD-ROM for USD 550.00

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The Directory of Brazilian Miners, Distributors and Exporters
2012 edition

The  Directory of Brazil Miners, Distributors and Exporters includes the most relevant Iron Ore miners in Brazil, and it may save you millions of dollars when buying Iron Ore and other minerals from Brazil. As a special offer, this directory is being offered for $ 195.00. To buy this list now, please use the link bellow:


Directory of Brazilian Miners, Distributors and Exporters 2012

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Why Brazilian Ore

Brazil is one of the worlds largest iron ore producers, and the largest iron ore exporter. Brazil’s proven iron ore reserves total 19.7 billion tons, which ranks Brazil as having the sixth largest reserves worldwide and compares to proven world iron ore reserves of 306.5 billion tons.

However, taking into account the level of reserves in terms of the amount of iron contained in the ore, Brazil jumps to the number one position worldwide. This is due to the high level of iron contained in hematite ore (60%), mainly found in the state of Par, and in Itabirito ore (50%), mainly found in the state of Minas Gerais. The table below shows Brazils reserves by state:

brazil iron per state

The internal and external markets for Brazilian iron ore have remained strong, in spite of economic crises (see chart below).

brazil iron ore


Iron Ore Articles

Iron Ore Mines In Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest iron ore producing country in the world. The iron content in Brazil iron ore is the highest than iron ore found in any location in the world. The iron ore found in Brazil is of two types: lump type iron ore and pellets type iron ore. The pellet type iron ore is in more demand in foreign markets than the lump type iron ore.
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Major Iron Ore Mines and Iron Ore Mining

Iron ore mines are found in different locations around the globe. Iron ore mines are found in large numbers in US, Canada, Australia, China, Brazil and India. Iron ore mines are found in atleast 50 countries around the world.
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Leading Countries Producing Iron Ore

The countries that produce major iron ore in the world include China, Brazil, Australia, India, Russia, Canada and US. The type of iron ore found in these countries varies from each other. The types of iron ore found include hematite ore, magnetite, bentonite, taconite ore, goethite, Itabirito ore, etc.
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China is reshaping the Iron Ore market

China has become the dominant source of iron ore demand growth. About 98% of iron ore is used to produce pig iron, which is, therefore, the best indicator of iron ore consumption worldwide. In 1992, China produced 76 million tons of pig iron, surpassing Japan as the leading producing country in the world. In 2003, China produced more than 200 million tons of pig iron, almost 2 times the production of the second leading producer, Japan, at 82 million tons. Chinas pig iron production grew at an average rate of more than 9% per year from 1992 through 2003.

In 2004, the three leading iron-ore-producing companies, located in Brazil and Australia, continued to invest large sums of money to increase production to satisfy Chinese demand. One estimate of output from all iron ore projects planned to start before 2009 indicates a production increase equal to more than one-third of the worlds 2004 estimated production.

The future of the global iron ore industry will depend primarily on how long China can continue its extraordinary growth. China is the worlds leading producer of iron ore on a gross tonnage basis, but is only a distant third when considered on the basis of iron content. Growth in Chinese iron ore consumption is expected to continue, although not at the extraordinary rate seen between 2000 and 2004. Continued strong growth in Chinese iron ore imports to maintain steel production growth and offset decreased low-grade domestic ore production will be needed to meet Chinas expected growth in steel consumption. This, along with Brazils development of downstream steel-producing facilities and Indias increased consumption of domestic ores, is expected to increase global demand for iron

sources: BNDES and U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, January 2005


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