Brazil Transportation Market Report

Here you find relevant information and services for the Transportation Brazilian industry.

1. Market Basics


A.1. Airport

To increase the quality and integration of Brazil?s airport system, the INFRAERO has been working on airport modernization projects since 2000. The project has been offering good long-term market prospects for foreign manufacturers. INFRAERO, headquartered in Bras?ia with seven regional business centers, is responsible for designing, building, operating and managing 65 airports and 82 navigation support stations that carry air traffic control, telecommunications services and flight protection.

It’s planed to invest around $1.65 billion through 2010 to upgrade and expand its airport network. These investments will be made in conjunction with state governments as well as with private sector corporations. All airport construction projects are contracted by INFRAERO through a public auction. It is therefore up to the contracted company to decide whether it will use foreign or domestic partners. The largest investments will be made in Sao Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos), Recife, Salvador, Maceio, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro downtown airport (Santos Dumont).

Related Opportunities

?  Passenger bridges
?  firefighter trucks
?  metal detectors
?  sniffers
?  baggage X-ray inspectors
?  radars and parts for radar maintenance

A.2 Aircraft

Air transportation is a critical link in Brazil’s infrastructure. The country is vitally dependent upon its civil aviation system to link the sparsely inhabited areas with the country’s major economic centers. Combining this dependence on air transport with the national policy to establish a modern market economy, commercial aircraft and parts manufacturers have good market prospects in Brazil.

According to Brazil’s Department of Civil Aviation (DAC), Brazil holds the world’s third largest business aviation fleet, surpassed only by the US and Mexico. The Brazilian total fleet is approximately 9 million aircraft including airplanes and civil and military helicopters. In 2002 the Brazilian market for aircraft and parts was approximately $675 million. Total imports in 2001 were $807 million, and $1 billion in 2000. In 2002, Spain exported to Brazil $219 million (32%) followed by the United States with $185 million (27%).

Embraer, headquartered in S? Jose dos Campos in the state of S? Paulo, is Brazil’s largest aircraft manufacturer. Embraer is a major buyer of equipment and parts for its own production line, as well as a major international supplier for the aviation market. The Brazilian aircraft parts industry is not well developed. However, the industry is able to supply around 20-25% of the market since most engine manufacturers have a local presence.

Related Opportunities

?  Civilian aircraft
?  civilian helicopters
?  turbojet aircraft engines
?  civilian aircraft parts
?  air speed instrumentation
?  aircraft engines
?  aircraft control systems
?  aircraft propeller parts
?  aircraft accessories.

A.3 Automotive

The automotive aftermarket in Brazil reached around $11 billion in 2003. The market is primarily driven by growing exports of automobiles and auto parts from Brazil.

The assemblers are responsible for 57% of the total market size of auto parts in Brazil, while exports represent 19%. New investments reached $500 million in 2003.

The sector employs 170,000 people in Brazil.

Related Opportunities

?  Subassemblies and accessories for tractors and automotive vehicles
?  Parts and accessories of stamping
?  Spark ignition and internal combustion engines
?  Gear boxes
?  Subassemblies and parts for explosion engines
?  Gearings and friction wheels, ball axles and rollers
?  Joint gaskets and alike of soft vulcanized rubber
?  Ignition key for vehicles engines
?  Roller bearings
?  Tubes, pipes and hoses of vulcanized rubber
?  Injection pumps parts for liquids

A.4 Railroad

An increased focus on expansion and modernization of the railroad infrastructure in Brazil is expected in the coming years. While Brazil has traditionally relied less on railroads for the transport of freight and passengers than other countries, its determination to develop the interior, the nature of agricultural products and commodities best served by rail, and the political impediments faced in improving roads all bode well for increased investment in this sector.

Related Opportunities

Opportunities for both direct exports to Brazil and for foreign direct investment in railroads, equipment, and logistics services.

A number of business opportunities are open for international companies interested in supplying the growing demand of the railroad sector. The concessions require that the concessionaires provide maintenance services as part of the agreement.

Private consortia invested $2.5 billion in the last concessions. The total needed investment is estimated at $5 billion over the next 30 years.

Railroad companies are increasing their investments to serve important export corridors. In the Midwest, grains for export are being shipped to the ports of Santos (SP), Tubar? and Vit?ia (ES) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Manufactured goods, from S? Paulo and Campinas, are being transported mainly to the port of Santos (SP), and there is an increase in freight movement to Mercosul with neighboring countries. In the North and Northeast, integration and improvement of regional systems is the primary focus of investment.

According to sector analysts, investment in the railroad industry will remain heated in the next few years.

Related Opportunities

?  Refurbishing and buying refurbished locomotives
?  locomotive spare parts
?  braking systems
?  couplings
?  diesel engine parts
?  communication systems
?  signaling systems
?  track maintenance equipment and services
?  railroad ties of concrete and wood
?  remodeling, duplicating and electrifying 3,300 km of railroad tracks
?  replacing rails and ties
?  enlarging and remodeling maintenance facilities
?  concrete sleepers
?  telecommunication equipment
?  grinding machines
?  signaling equipment
 container operations

Source: Minist?io dos Transportes

B. Importing & Exporting

C. Players

Aircraft Parts & Components

Aeromot Aeronave e Motores
Phone 55–51-33372977 FAX 55-51-33430325
Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho PO4
CP 8031, 
Porto Alegre, RS,  90201-970 

Aircraft Distributors

Aristek Com?cio Aeron?tico
Phone 55-11-62214355 FAX 55-11-62215343
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 386 –
Campo de Marte
Sao Paulo, SP,

Automotive Accessories Distributors

T.C. Baterias
Phone 55-11-69543987
Rua Prefeito Milton Improta, 617 –
Sao Paulo, SP

Bullet-Proof Vehicles and Services

Guardian Blindagens Especiais Comercial Ltda
Phone 55-11-36112020
Av. Comendador Martinelli, 70
Sao Paulo, SP 05037-170   


C. PLAYERS (continuation)

Conveyor Belts

Assahi M?uinas e Equipamentos
Phone / FAX 55-11-55638333
Av. Estev? Mendon?, 379 Sao Paulo, SP

Helicopter Distributors

Phone 55-11-69993700 FAX 55-11-62215535
Av. Santos Dumont, 1979
Sao Paulo, SP 02012-010         

Industrial Moving Equipments

Cabal Engenharia de Equipamentos Ind.
Phone 55-11-48282022 FAX 55-11-48287733
Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, 390

Ribeirao Pires, SP

Jet-ski Distributors

Jet Werk
Phone 55-12-4225111
Rodovia dos Tamoios Km 82,2
Caraguatatuba, SP

Motocycle Distributors

Akira Motos
Phone 55-11-61281000 FAX 55-11-61281285
Rua do Oratorio 1545 Sao Paulo, SP 03117-010           

Railway distributors

Acoforja Industria De Forjados S/A
Phone 55-11-55944000 FAX 55-11-55943258
Rua das Rosas, 494 Sao Paulo, SP 04048-001

Railway Parts Distributor

Acotrilho Ind. E Com. De Material Ferroviario
Phone 55-11-39172922 VIA ANHANGUERA
Sao Paulo, SP

Tires Distributors

PneuKar Brasil & Alliatti Ltda
Rua Piraju, 310 – Porto Alegre, RS

Tractors and Parts Distributors

Comper Tratores
Phone 55-16-33014811FAX 55-16-222-7899
Av. Presidente Vargas, 2714 – Araraquara, SP

Heavy transportation

Cassioli Brasil Ltda
Phone 55-11-45251001
Rua Balzers, 200
– Jundiai,  SP 13201-970

D. Associations


ANFAVEA ? Associa?o Nacional dos
Fabricantes de Ve?ulos Automotores

Phone 55-11-50514044 Av. Indian?olis, 496
S? Paulo, SP 04062-900



ABIPE?S?Associa?o da Ind?tria de
Av. Santo Amaro, 1386
Vila Nova Concei?o 04506-001 S? Paulo, SP
Tel: (55-11) 3848-4848 Fax: (55-11) 3848-0900



FENABRAVE?Federa?o Nacional de
Distribui?o de Ve?ulos Automotores

Av. Indian?olis, 1967 Planalto Paulista 04063-003
S? Paulo, SP
Phone55-11-55820000 Fax: (55-11) 5582-0001



ABEIVA?Associa?o Brasileira dos
Importadores de Ve?ulos Automotores

Tel/Fax: 55-11-30783989
R. Dr. R. Paes de Barros, 717, 11? andar,
conj. 113  Itaim Bibi 04530-001 S? Paulo, SP


ABRACICLO?Associa?o Brasileira de
Fabricantes de Motocicletas, Ciclomotores,
Motonetas e Bicicletas
Phone 55-11-2410766 Fax 55-11-2410256
Av. Morumbi, 8390, 6? andar, conj. 62
04703-002 S? Paulo, SP


ABPA?Associa?o Brasileira de Pneus e Aros
Phone / Fax 55-11-32583638
Av. Paulista, 2444, 12? andar, conj. 124
01310-300 S? Paulo, SP

ANIP?Associa?o Nacional da Ind?tria de
Phone 55-11-30609499 Fax 55-11-30609496
Av. Paulista, 2439,  14? andar, conj. 142
01311-936 S? Paulo, SP

ABRADIBI?Associa?o Brasileira Distribuidora
de Bicicletas, Pe?s e Acess?ios
Phone 55-11-30496157 Fax 55-11-30451541
Av. S? Gabriel, 149, 5? andar, conj. 507/508
01435-001 S? Paulo, SP


ABTI?Associa?o Brasileira de
Transportadores Internacionais
Phone / Fax 55-55-4132828
Terminal Rodoviario Perimetral Leste
Esquinas C e D, Km 718, Br 290,
Centro Administrativo Porto Auto Servi?s,
salas 108/10997500-000 Uruguaiana, RS



Highway Freight Transport NTC ? Associa?o
Nacional do Transporte de Cargas e Logistica

Phone 55-11-69541400 Fax 55-11-69541127
R. da G?ea, 1390 Vila Maria 02121-020
S? Paulo, SP


ANTP?Associa?o Nacional de Tranportes
Phone 55-11-33712299 Fax 55-11-32538095
Alameda Santos 1000, 7? andar 01418-100
S? Paulo, SP


Railway, General ABIFER?Associa?o
Brasileira da Ind?tria Ferrovi?ia

Phone 55-11-2891667 Fax 55-11-31712268
Av. Paulista, 1313, 8? andar, conj. 801,
sala 811 01311-923  S? Paulo, SP


Railway Equipment

SIMEFRE?Sindicato Interestadual da
Ind?tria de Materiais e Equipamentos
Ferrovi?ios e Rodoviarios
Tel/Fax: (55-11) 289-9166
Av. Paulista 1313, 8? andar, conj. 811
01311-923  S? Paulo, SP


SYNDARMA?Sindicato Nacional das Empresas
de Navega?o Mar?ima
Phone 55-21-22231202 Fax 55-21-22330230
R. Visc. de Inha?a, 134, conj. 1005
20094-900 Rio de  Janeiro, RJ


ACTC?Associa?o Nacional das Empresas
Transit?ias, Agentes de Carga A?ea,
Comiss?ias de Despachos e Operadoras

R. Avanhandava, 126, 6? andar, conj. 60/61 Bela Vista 01306-000
S? Paulo, SP Tel: (55-11) 3255-2599 Fax: (55-11) 3255-2310



ESABR??Estaleiros Associados do Brasil R. da Assembl?a, 11, 10? andar 20011-001
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Tel: (55-21) 2507-1568 Fax: (55-21) 2283-2197


2. Test the market through Brazilian Newspapers

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Our Brazilian Trade Directory of Importers , Distributors and Wholesalers is your comprehensive business-to-business resource to access hundreds of Qualified Brazilian Importers, Distributors & Wholesalers for the most relevant market segments in Brazil. It includes Brazilian companies located in all Brazilian States: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paran? Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Amazonas, etc.

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5. Market Reports that answer your business questions

Learn more about the Brazilian markets through our straight to the point Market Reports. We know that concise up-to-date information is the key to making intelligent marketing decisions and we have the resources to obtain the information you need.

Some Market Reports we provide:

  • Overall marketability of your product or service
  • Market trends and size
  • Price of comparable products or services
  • Distribution and promotion practices
  • Market entry requirements
  • Competition overview
  • Factors influencing potential customers the most, etc.

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6. Keep a Portuguese translated Website

Have your product or service detailed in a Portuguese-written website.

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