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Custom-made List of Brazilian Companies
Buyers, Distributors, Partners, Manufacturers, Exporters, Etc.

1. Find the right Brazilian companies in 48 hours

Hard time finding the right companies in Brazil? We have years of experience in finding buyers, distributors, partners, and other parties in Brazil. Yes, we are experienced Brazilian

We know that buying from the right supplier can improve your business. Our Best Suppliers List service is designed to find the best Brazilian suppliers for your needs. Our consultants, with a strong knowledge of your market, will build a custom-made suppliers list for your company.

Many companies, as Mitsubishi, Monico Alloys and Eljen have already used our solutions to successfully initiate or expand their business with Brazilian companies. Your company can also get the most from the Brazilian markets for as little as $ 290.00.

Our lists are easy-to-use, in a plain MS Excel format
    • View company information on screen;
    • Create and print mailing lists;
  • Print out company listings with detailed information;
  • Locate individual Brazilian firms by name or category.

The Best Suppliers List is provided through the following steps:

  • We analyze your business need

  • Select from our databases the best suppliers to deal with your company

  • Organize the received information

  • Deliver the list with complete information about the suppliers
    (company name, address, phone, fax, website and e-mail)

Sample of the registers you will find in your list


2. Prices and delivery time

Number of Suppliers Delivery Price
5 qualified suppliers 2 days

$ 90.00

10 qualified suppliers 3 days $ 150.00
30 qualified suppliers 4 days $ 285.00
60 qualified suppliers 5 days $ 435.00

Get free services when
you buy
a list with 30 or 60 qualified suppliers!

? 30 days of free short Portuguese translations
30 days of basic counseling regarding how to make business with Brazilian buyers at no cost

To order the Best Suppliers List , please complete the following form. If you have any question about our lists, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ?s)

3. Create your Best Suppliers List request

Create your list request entering the following information.

Your Information

Your name



The suppliers you need

Supplier profile, experience and product lines
(maximum 5 lines)

Your company’s information

About your company
– company briefing or website address
(maximum 5 lines)

Company Name

Important: please have your credit card information ready before proceeding to checkout.

Uploading may take several minutes

If you have any doubts about our lists, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ?s)



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