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Orfeu Official Site
Orfeu is a Brazilian super production by Carlos Diegues. Among the cast: Tony Garrido, reggae singer and Patricia França. Find trailer, reviews, links and all information about this outstanding movie.
Fernanda Montenegro Official Site
Fernanda Montenegro is one of the most known and remarkable actress and artist of Brazilian theater, cinema and television. Find her repertory, biography and images and more.
Cinema Brasil
Offers news, events, movie database. Professionals Guide and Information to technicians and artists, Movies Labourers’ Union, Laws for filming in Brazil. All kinds of interactivity options: how to subscribe CinemaBrasil Discussion List, Forum CinemaBrazil. Eternalize your views, Special Guests Book – your Hall of Fame, SURVEY form – send suggestions and articles.


Songs Ipanema

Musical instruments, MIDI, synthesizers, audio and music technology in general. Store located in Rio de Janeiro.
Brazilian Music UpToDate
Interviews, news, CD reviews, photos, postcards of Brazilian MPB
Brazil Music Net
Displays lists of Brazilian MPB musicians and music resources, singers, composers, producers, studios, contacts, shows and products. Also CDs for sale.
São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra
Offers information, concert schedules, of São Paulo’s Symphonic Orchestra.
Slipcue E-zines- Brazilian Music Guide
Annotated discography. Querry by artists, albums or atyle.
Axe Music
This website is dedicated to Axé Music fans. Axe CDs available for sale. Browse by artist, album or song.
Grupo Cultural Olodum
Afro-Brazilian cultural group from Bahia, Brazil.
Great Brazilian Virtual Guitar Picks Museum
Massive collection of guitar picks, buy, trade, or just see it.

From Steel to Classic
Project that uses music as a way to help children’s personal development. All participants are students from public Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools.
Gilberto Gil Home Page
This is the home page of Gilberto Gil one of the most remarkable artist of Brazilian music. musician and composer; his music, biography, and his friends are all here waiting for you.

Literature and Books

Luso-Brazilian Books
Ooffers books by Brazilian and Portuguese writers, and specialize in Portuguese-language publications.
Brazilian Books
U.S. distributor of books in Portuguese from Brazilian publisher.

Brazilian Literature
… writings in the Portuguese language… …particular character of Brazilian literature and the intimate…


Brasil 500 years – All about of the Brazil 500 years commemorations
International Association of Brazilian Folklore
Abrasoffa , Founded in August 92 as a non gorvenamental entity, with the objective to congregate realizers , organizers, administrators, entities, studious, groups and all those who are interest in the development, maintainance and preservation and especially in the popular arts , linked to the manisfetation in folklore and craftwork.


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