All About Gems & Stone Crafts
Talisman Trading Company
Creates unique natural gemstone carvings in Brazil, including crystal skulls, angels, aliens, and more.


Instituto Brasileiro de Gemas e Metais Preciosos
IBGM is the official page of the Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals.


Mundo Artesão Ltda.
Offers catalogs of handcrafts and gems.


Products line offers pieces in gold, silver, and stones.


Instituto de Artesanato Visconde de Mauá
The Mauá Institute brings from the farthest places of the State of Bahia works which reveal our traditions and way of life. Behaviors repeated since long time ago,ancient professions,still provide income and keep,intact,ways of working that are in harmony with the nature, making the most of what it gives.



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