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Global Review: Brazil
Information from basic facts to banking, finance, and infrastructure concerns about Brazil.


Brazilian Historical Towns
Shows monuments, works of art, and services in the main historical cities of Brazil.


Virtual Seaside
Guide to the northern shores of São Paulo contains visitor information about Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião, and Ilhabela.


Boa Viagem
Information about Brazilian states, cities and weather. Also about passport and visa.


Dedicated to provide information travel about Brazil: hotels, tourism and travel agencies, ecological tourism, adventure, entertainment and culture, and more. Provides also services to travel agents and agencies.


The official Brazilian Tourism Agency with information in Portuguese and English. EMBRATUR is a Brazilian governmental organization.


Wonders of Brazil, The
It offers regional and historical information about Brazil, news, chat boards and related links.


Brasil Travel
Offers tailor-made eco and adventure tours for individuals and groups throughout Brazil.


Brazil Traveling Inc.
Adventures include trekking, surfing, diving, mountaineering, camping, and more.


De Luxe Destinations
Offers tours and hotel information for destinations in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.


Grade VI Companhia de Aventuras
Specializes in Brazilian climbing, rafting, canyoning, rope swing adventures, and more. Also offers climbing courses.


Oceanview Tours and Travel
Serves the needs of U.S. travel agencies as well as private tourists. Specializes in trips to Brazil.


Ouro Preto Tour Operator
Tours of Brazil’s major cultural destinations in the state of Minas Gerais.


BR On Line Travel
Specialized in travel to and from Brazil; ecotourism packages; travel guide.


Stella Barros Turismo
One of the most traditional and experienced travel agency in Brazil.
This site is a guide dedicated to Rio de Janeiro. In English, Portuguese, and Dutch.


Meu Brasil
Photographs of places in Brazil along with staistical information and links to Brazilian servers.*


Hotels Best Western Brasil
Lists hotels by name, city, or state.


Blue Tree Hotels
Information on Blue Tree hotels throughout Brazil.


Hoteis Transamerica
Renamed hotels located in São Paulo and Ilha de Comandatuba.


Tropical Hotels
Hotel chain in Brazil.
Offers discount online hotel reservations for Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.


Inn – Guide of hotels and inns in Brazil.
Queries by state, city, and price.


Web Hotel Guide
Listing of hotels in the state of Parana and Santa Catarina.


Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Built entirely at the level of the rainforest canopy. Located 35 miles from Manuas at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek.


Brazil – Consular Information:
Country Description, Entry Requirements, Customs Regulations, Safety And Security, Crime Information, Criminal Penalties And Others.


IBGE – Brazilian Government Institute for Geography and Statistics
A completely accessible brazilian statistics database.


Viverde – Tourism from Amazonia (Brazilian North)
Viverde (live + green) is a travel agency that emerged from a passion of a Brazilian couple for the Amazon – jungle, climate, people, the will to explore the unexplored, to live an adventure and pass the sensation of freedom and joy to other people. Hence, in 1993 when some industries in the Industrial District of Manaus decided to re-located their operations elsewhere, we than decided to change our jobs into the challenging ecological tourist direction…


Bahiatursa – Government Institute for Tourism in Bahia (Brazilian Northeast)
In BAHIATURSA is celebrating its 30th anniversary, a milestone in the history of tourism in both Bahia and Brazil. With patience, perseverance and faith in Bahia and in the potential of its people, BAHIATURSA has always remained true to its goals, learning to grow and evolve. Thanks to consistent, high-quality work standards based on scientific criteria, and through partnerships with the private sector, BAHIATURSA today has gained international recognition as a model in the ranking of companies working in the Brazilian travel industry.


Ceará.com – Tourist Information on Ceará, with Photos – (Brazilian Northeast)
Ceara, Brazil’s sunny State. Whether your visit is due to business or pleasure, be sure you’ll find stunning landscapes, unforgettable beaches, marvelous food and warm hospitality.


Fernando de Noronha Online – Tourist Information on Fernando de Noronha Islands – (Brazilian Northeast)
Many controversies surround the discovery of Fernando de Noronha. The map of the area sent in November, 1502 to Ercole d’Este, Duke of Ferrara, shows the archipelago as the “Ilha da Quaresma” (Isle of Lent).. From this it was supposed that knowledge of the existence of the island dated from the expeditions which passed near them during Lent in 1500, 1501, or 1502. The Viscount of Santarem attributed the discovery to Gaspar de Lemos, the captain of the supply ship in Cabral’s fleet, sent back to Portugal in 1500 with the news of the discovery of Santa Cruz (Brazil). However, Gaspar’s ship did not pass through the area of Fernando de Noronha during Lent; rather, after sailing the coast of Brazil and cutting brazilwood, Gaspar could have sighted the archipelago on June 24, the day of the festival of St. John, whose name he could have given to the island.


The Brazil Center – Institute of Latin American Studies – U.TEXAS
The Brazil Center, situated within the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin, is the home of the largest Brazilian studies program in the United States. The Brazil Center coordinates the activities of the more than forty faculty members conducting research and teaching on Brazilian topics, over fifty M.A. and Ph.D. students with a focus on Brazil, and a large number of visiting scholars, lecturers, and researchers. UT-Austin also houses the Benson Latin American Collection, one of the largest university collections of material on Brazil.


The City Guide of Brasilia – Brazil
Overview of the city – positive and negative aspects – tourist sights – meeting points – other general information; The first proposals of building a new capital – important dates and facts – curiosities – photos of the construction – common questions – information about JK, Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer.


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