IBAMA – Brazilian Government Institute for Environment and Natural Resources (Portuguese)
Founded in 1989, February, 22, is linked to the Ministério do Meio Ambiente.


Brazilian Nature
Focused in Brazilian Nature Screen Savers & Photos


Jungle Trekker – Your primary source of information and news about the Brazilian Rain Forest
This site is a production of DTVisions, Inc., a digital media company committed to education, sustainable development, and preservation of areas of ecological importance to world environments. Our purpose is to inform people about the Brazilian rain forest, its people and issues that affect them. Jungletrekker.com’s dynamic content features four daily articles, and a weekly web cast (TV SELVA). All articles and web casts are produced in English and Portuguese, and will soon be expanded into other languages.


South Pantanal Know all about the Worldwide famous Pantanal Mato-grossense


TAMAR Program, with the objective of saving and protecting sea turtles in Brazil
Since the beginning, when they had only their dreams to guide them, the founders of Projeto TAMAR have fought tirelessly. For the past 20 years they worked to protect sea turtles and improve the livelihoods of local residents, who shared the same coastal habitat with the sea turtles. Today, the same fishermen who consumed sea turtles or their eggs in the past are now working with TAMAR to protect the turtles and ensure their survival.


World Wildlife Fund
WWF is the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organization with a global network active in 96 countries. WWF Brazil works in all regions of the country developing projects that aim to conserve genetic, species, and ecosystems diversity and also to ensure that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable.


Socio-Environmental Institute
The features that define Brazil within today`s rapidly globalizing world are its sociodiversity and its biodiversity. However, these features are threatened by aggressive development policies that benefit the elite and exclude the rest, undermining Brazil`s heritage, corroding its identity, and aggravating its economic crisis. The passport to Brazil`s future requires a new synthesis; social and environmental sustainability.



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